Ag Innovators Network

Connecting World Class Farmers and Agri Professionals


Ag Innovators Network is a committed online networking platform with the goal of connecting world leading agricultural professionals, researchers and farmers together through modern technology to grow your businesses.

Each month we will host an online workshop where you will be given the opportunity to hear from some of the foremost thought leaders, researchers and gurus of the industry. Every workshop will have significant time set aside for members to interact and ask questions of some of the best minds in agriculture today.

If you’re ready to grow your business, increase your networks and be at the fore front of agriculture then Ag Innovators Network is the place for you.

Who is Ag Innovators Network For?

  • High performance growth minded farmers
  • High performance agri specialists
  • Farmer and agri specialist who want to learn from world leading experts
  • Farmers and agri specialists who want to keep pace with emerging technology trends
  • Agri specialists and professionals who want to network with high performance farmers
  • Young agri professionals
  • Time poor farmers who want easy access to ask questions of top level agri professionals
  • Farmers who want to access information independently


What is Ag Innovators Network?

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

Your networks in life and the people you spend the most time with often determine your outcomes. Recent research has outlined the possibility that your are far more connected with the people around you than you think, and that those networks stretch well beyond the maxim’s five person prediction. We live in a unique time in the history of the planet where we can access in real time people from anywhere. We can choose the influences on our life and the people we associate with, so why not associate with the brightest minds possible?

Ag Innovators Network is a membership portal that gives you access, through internet technology, to the brightest minds in agriculture and business. You can access it from your home office or smart phone or tablet, giving you the opportunity to learn from the best people possible on the future of agriculture and how they run their business.

Through monthly online workshops with high performance agri experts from around the world with content driven by member input you will get access to listen to and ask questions of top experts in their field.

Worried that you won’t be able to get online for an event. That’s okay, you can send your questions in before the event and watch the event back at any time through your access to our members portal, all member only events will be recorded for you to access at a later date.


Join Robert Saik For Our March Workshop And Learn About His Vision For The Future Of Agriculture

Robert is one of the leading agri business professionals on the planet today. His background from a family farm in Alberta Canada to founding Agri Trend a large ag consulting and coaching business boasting 150 employees including 35 phd’s. Rob’s advice has been sought by prominent people such as Bill Gates as to how agriculture can help feed the growing world population. He is now CEO of DOT retail ready the autonomous robot farming platform for broad acre agriculture.

Robert Saik will take us on a journey of agricultural advancement that sees us at the dawn of Agriculture 5.0; a convergence of technologies that will re-shape the future of food production. Agriculture 5.0 is about breaking down silos and interdisciplinary barriers to formulate a new type of agriculture that holds the promise of long-term sustainable food for all. The “convergence” is about how many technologies are coming together to impact the farm in amazing ways at a speed never experienced before in our sector.

This fast-paced, energetic presentation will delight and amaze; welcome to Agriculture 5.0.

Join Felicity Turner On May 2nd

With a diverse entrepreneurial background, Felicity thrives on taking technology businesses from concept to execution. Responsible for both the customer experience and accelerating commercialisation of The Yield solutions, Felicity was previously an award-winning Senior Azure Specialist at Microsoft.

Felicity is responsible for sales, marketing, support and services at The Yield. She works with top tier growers to ensure our products solve real on-farm challenges, while collaborating with them to scope and develop new products. Felicity leverages two decades of commercial experience to forge new partnerships for The Yield across the global supply chain.

What You Get with Your Membership

Monthly Webinars

from the best experts on agri production and business.

Access to our Private Facebook Group

network with other like minded farmers and agri business professionals.

24/7 Access to All Content in Members Area

can’t make a webinar don’t worry you will have lifetime access to all the content for as long as you maintain your membership

Member Driven Content

you get to help decide the presenters and topics through feedback and surveys after each webinar

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