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Guillaume Jourdain - Co Founder CEO Bilberry

Bilberry is a tech startup founded in 2015 by Guillaume Jourdain, Hugo Serrat & Jules Beguerie. Our main goal is to develop intelligent agriculture systems that can help farmers and the environment alike. BIlberry has commercialized a new generation of crop sprayer technology that can recognise weeds in crop and reduce crop spray applications dramatically by targetting only weeds

Rob Saik - CEO DOT Ready Retail

Robert Saik takes us on a journey of agricultural advancement that sees us at the dawn of Agriculture 5.0; a convergence of technologies that will re-shape the future of food production. Agriculture 5.0 is about breaking down silos and interdisciplinary barriers to formulate a new type of agriculture that holds the promise of long-term sustainable food for all. The “convergence” is about how many technologies are coming together to impact the farm in amazing ways at a speed never experienced before in our sector.

Felicity Turner - The Yeild

The Yield is an AG Technology provider specialising in using sensor technology with machine learning to create unique solution for farmers

James Rabey Flurosat

Flurosat is an Australian ag tech start up that provides innovative solutions using sensor technolgy

Anne Maree Weston - Senior Investment Advisor Austrade

Anne Maree has a close association and track record in the agricultural industry. As general manager at (then) Rural Management Partners she oversaw the delivery of management and consulting services to a range of off farm investors. She also consulted to clients in the funds management, foreign investment and family office sectors on business planning, investment due diligence and capital raising for agricultural assets and businesses. In more recent times she was Director Corporate Strategy at Platform Agribusiness.


Anne Maree has a deep understanding of investor needs and the importance of alignment with business and strategic partners.

Ben van Delden - Head of Agri Food Tech KPMG

Ben advises Governments, corporates, start-ups, accelerators and VCs on optimising their digital agriculture strategies and circular economy opportunities.
Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Ben has worked in family businesses in aquaculture, livestock, horticulture, tourism and food. Ben enjoys applying these startup skills to the emerging fields of AgTech and SmartAgriculture IoT, developing solutions to sector challenges and opportunities..

David Finlay - CEO MPT Ag Tech


David Finlay is CEO of ag tech start up MPT AG Tech