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Robert Saik

Rob took us on a journey of agricultural advancement that sees us at the dawn of Agriculture 5.0; a convergence of technologies that will re-shape the future of food production.  Agriculture 5.0 is about breaking down silos and interdisciplinary barriers to formulate a new type of agriculture that holds the promise of long-term sustainable food for all.  The “convergence” is about how many technologies are coming together to impact the farm in amazing ways at a speed never experienced before in our sector.

This was a fast-paced, energetic presentation; welcome to Agriculture 5.0.

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Workshop 15th March 2019

Felicity Turner - The Yeild

With a diverse entrepreneurial background, Felicity thrives on taking technology businesses from concept to execution. Responsible for both the customer experience and accelerating commercialisation of The Yield solutions, Felicity was previously an award-winning Senior Azure Specialist at Microsoft. 

Felicity is responsible for sales, marketing, support and services at The Yield. She works with top tier growers to ensure our products solve real on-farm challenges, while collaborating with them to scope and develop new products. Felicity leverages two decades of commercial experience to forge new partnerships for The Yield across the global supply chain.  

Felicity is a director of PMA A-NZ. 

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Matt Raad Success Mindset

Matt Raad is a business and website investor, Angel Investor and leading educator in Digital Marketing. Matt and Liz Raad are recognised as the Australian experts in buying, renovating and selling profitable websites and businesses.

As well as being successful Internet Entrepreneurs and investors who own a portfolio of websites, they have trained thousands of people across Australia in digital marketing and online business success, and are sought after public speakers and educators on these topics.

They are also advisors in buying and selling online businesses valued at up to $20 million and help their clients buy and build website portfolios.